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Enjoying the great outdoors is something that many of us focus a significant amount of our lives on. For some us, it’s all about going for a good walk, a vigorous hike or a country cycle. For others amongst us, we like to take our outdoor pursuits to the next level and may take to the mountain during the winter on a trusty pair of skis or snowboard. Of course, when it comes to outdoor pursuits the sky really is your limit. Horse riding, watersports, team sports, and the list goes on and on!

While being in the outdoors can have a great effect on our health and wellbeing, it does come with a few risks too. Especially if we are engaged in a sport or activity where strenuous movement and the potential to fall are all part and parcel of the fun, it’s wise to admit that risks are present.

A variety of protective equipment is available for various sports and can play a key role in helping the participant to enjoy the sport, while also having the peace of mind that they are well protected if a ‚blip‘ should occur. Let’s take a look at one of those protective options which also doubles up as a practical item.

What Are Back Protector Backpacks?

The name really speaks for itself in describing what this item is; a backpack which is integrated with a back protector. Usually, these backpacks offer the following features:

– A lightweight product (although it can initially look bulky depending on which brand and model you choose, so don’t be put off by the appearance).

– A comfortable design with good ventilation to make the wearing of the backpack a pleasure.

– A strap system so that you can create ideal stability for the load you are carrying.

– An integrated rain cover.

– Various holders (for example for a helmet or other sports accessories)

– Am easy access front pocket and organizer.

– A lined glasses compartment which also suits goggles

– A padded hip belt (often with storage pockets).

– Reflective elements for increased visibility an safety.

– A specific compartment for safe storage of your smartphone.

Often the back protector in these backpacks are removable so if you just want to take the backpack to the park or out for a walk with your dog, you don’t need to have the protector in place all the time.

Why Is A Back Protector So Important?

When engaging in any physical activity, having a slip, fall or another form of mishap is always a real possibility. Taking on the attitude that ‚it will never happen to me so I don’t need to take any precautions‘ certainly isn’t the wisest course of action!

In fact, many accidents that occur when engaging in sports activity come completely out of the blue. Without any prior warning or even a tiny giveaway sign, you can find yourself hurtling down a slope with your skis, legs, and arms all going in different directions! Certainly, damaging a limb can be a terrible ordeal that may require a hospital stay, surgery and a long recovery time. However, when it comes to damaging your spine, now that can be put you in a different category altogether.

The spine is a complex and amazing part of the human body. It has such a wide array of functions and uses that it can be described as nothing short of a miracle. However, when something goes wrong in the spine it can have a devastating effect, not only on your back but also on other parts of your body. In fact, a bad spinal injury can have a negative impact on the rest of your life.

We know this may sound rather somber and drastic but the facts are there to prove every bit of what we are saying is true. Your spine is one of the most precious things you own and if you are going to engage in activities that put it at risk, you must give it the protection it needs!

Whilst everyone engaging in sports should consider the use of a back protector, some people are at even more risk of injury. This includes those who have degenerative disc disease, sciatica or another form of chronic pain related to the back. However, is it going to feel uncomfortable and annoying to wear a back protector backpack?

Not at all! Back protectors which are designed well and provided by reputable suppliers are made for extreme comfort. They mold to the body shape and don’t add extra weight. This really leaves no excuse for anyone not to have a backpack that has a built-in back protector, after all, safety should always come first.

Why Is It Useful To Have A Backpack As Part Of Your Outdoor Gear?

‚Hang on a moment‘, you may be thinking, but I don’t take a backpack along with my when engaging in sports. Well, it’s about time you did!

Let’s take the example of going for a hike in the mountains. Yoy may feel that you are fine with your water bottle in your trouser leg packet and a few snacks in your back pocket, right? Wrong!

Firstly, carrying items such as a heavy water bottle on another part of your body can put a strain on certain muscles and even knock off your stability. This may not seem like an issue if you are walking along even terrain, but if you suddenly need to go up or downhill or cross an uneven section of ground, you may find yourself taking a nasty tumble.

In addition, even a hike in a familiar area can lead to unexpected events. You or someone you are with may get injured. You may come across fellow hikers who are in need of basic supplies, or you may end up getting lost and spending more time that you had planned in the hiking area.

Having a backpack with you means that you have all of the necessary items at hand. Now we’re not talking about a ‚Mary Poppins‘ bag here where you have everything but the kitchen sink with you, that would actually make things a lot worse! However, there are a few items that should always be in your backpack for such occasions, these may include:

– An additional layer of clothing
– Extra water
– Toilet paper (yes this one is vital!)
– Rain gear (even if the forecast promises a dry day, they don’t always get it right!)
– A first aid kit
– Extra socks
– A torch.

Of course, there are plenty of other items which may be ideal for your activities, the above just gives an idea of what many hikers find useful to pack in their backpack.

So, now that we know how important a back protector is when engaging in outdoor or sports activities, as well as why having a backpack with you should be part and parcel of your attire, it leads us to another important question; since there are many back protector backpacks on the market, how can you make a good choice?

How Can You Choose A Great Back Protector Backpack?

Of course, accepting the fact that this backpack choice is a good idea and actually purchasing one that will suit your needs are two very different things. We hope the suggestions we have outlined below will point you in the right direction of a good choice.

Get Recommendations From Fellow Enthusiasts

Different backpacks will suit different activities. So the ideal choice for a freestyle snowboarder may be different from the best option for a casual hiker. This means you need to get recommendations from the right sources.

One way of getting recommendations is to talk with people you know who like to engage in the same, or a similar, activity to the one you enjoy. Of course, if you have noticed any of them wearing a back protector backpack then you are certainly barking up the ‚right‘ tree.

However, if you can’t seem to get yourself any recommendations this way, it may be time to make the most of our wonderful world wide web. These days you can find a review site or forum that discusses almost any product in existence (slight exaggeration but you get the point!). By doing a quick search using an online search engine you should quickly be able to find sites where people are expressing their opinions on the backpacks they are using.

You may find that reading the reviews sites and forums gives you enough ideas for potential purchases. However, if you want to find out a little more information on a backpack you are considering, it’s normally easy to join up to the site and ask a few questions on the forum. Most people who have already expressed their opinion are happy to answer any further questions that people may have. This allows you to get a real picture of the positives, as well as the negatives, that come with each potential purchase.

Try Before You Buy

One of the best ways that you can decide whether a particular back protector backpack is the right one for you is to actually put it on your back and walk around in it for a while. If you live close to outdoor stores or shops which stock such backpacks it’s time to give them a visit. Ask to try on a number of bags and take your time to get a real feel for each choice. In addition, consider factors which are important to you and see which backpack seems to tick most of your boxes. This may be particular storage compartments, extra storage or even color!

Think Quality Over Price

Buying a backpack with a built-in back protector has a clear purpose; you are putting your safety first. If you really want your backpack to deliver on your goal, you need to be committed to putting quality over price. Remember, this is a product which you are hopefully only going to buy once or at least you don’t want to have to think about replacing it anytime in the near future. This means you need to choose an option that has been designed and manufactured with safety, durability, and performance in mind.

Have A Bonding Session

Once you have followed our steps above and made your final choice, you will soon become the proud owner of a high-quality back protector backpack – congratulations in advance! However, you’re not finished just yet. To make sure that your backpack becomes a staple part of your attire you need to bond with your new ‚baby‘. Plan an exciting trip out, pack the items you need and enjoy a little time together. Before you know it you will wonder how you ever survived without your dear, trusted and stylish buddy.

Indeed, enjoying outdoor and sports activities can be great for body, mind, and soul. However, it still comes with a number of risks. Choosing the right protective gear can make the real difference, not just in the event of an accident, but also in giving you peace if mind to really get into your activity.

Of all of the body parts that we need to provide protection for, surely our spine has to rank right up there at the top of the list. Backpacks which include a black protector are an ideal way to give your precious spine a high level of protection while you are out having fun.

Remember, if you want to make a good choice of backpack it’s important that you take the time to get some good recommendations. You can ask around in your own circle, or make use of online review sites and forum. In addition, try to have the chance to try before you buy and make sure that your final purchase has high-quality ‚written‘ all over it. By following these tips we hope that you will be well on your way to making a purchase that will keep you, and your spine, having plenty of fun!

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