Back Protector Child – Things you have to know

Children are always vulnerable to injuries since their body organs are not yet fully developed and this tends to make them weak when compared to adults. It is a tough thing trying to protect your children from these imminent injuries considering the way they are playful and like to engage in physical activities. Injuries can occur in several body parts, and while all of them should be avoided, some parts are extremely crucial, and you would not want your child to be injured there. A sprained arm or a twisted ankle can always be treated with time, but back injuries are usually severe and could have long-lasting effects on your child.

The spinal cord is the body’s anchor, and any injury to this bone could deny your child the ability to move or even lead to death in the worst case scenario. In that accord, it is vital to purchase a suitable back protector child so that your young ones can always be protected from back injuries whenever they engage in physical activities. Considering the seriousness of this matter, it is not advisable to just head into the store in your neighborhood and pick the first back protector child you find. It is essential to understand the options available and be informed on how these protectors work before shopping for the best one. Luckily, we have combined an extensive guide to buying the best back protector for your child.

Importance Of A Back Protector.

The back is the largest area of child’s body, and therefore the chances of it hitting the ground or any other object when they fall are very high. It is a no-brainer that spinal injuries are fatal and they could have life-changing effects on victims. A back protector is designed to protect the spine and more importantly the central nervous system that is housed in the spine. The CNS is the central hub for coordination as it connects the brain to all the other parts of your child’s body. It also controls vital functions such as the heart, lungs and overall body movement.

Going into the details, the spine is divided into four areas which are the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral. The cervical is the uppermost part, and it controls the upper limbs and vital organs. The thoracic is the mid part, and it controls all the actions of the child’s torso. The remaining two parts are the lower ones, and they coordinate the lower limbs and lower body functions.

An injury to any of the mentioned part of a child’s spine can significantly affect the functions controlled by that section, either temporarily or permanently. A good protector is designed to offer protection from any impact on the back, and it is fundamental that it takes as much energy as possible during impact to ensure that the force applied on the back is minimal. A suitable back protector for children is designed to move as this helps in absorption of stress during impact.

An Ideal Back Protector For Your Child.

While it is hard to achieve ideal situations, a perfect backpack for your child should be one that provides as much protection coverage for your young ones while allowing them to move freely during their activities. Protection coverage can be determined regarding the length and width of the back protector and how much of the back is covered. It is essential to find a compromise between protection and ease of movement as it would be terrible to force your child to put on a protector that cant allow them to ride their bicycle through the woods. Lack of free movement is a bad thing since it can lead to accidents as it may restrict your child from quickly adjusting their body position when faced with an unexpected situation while moving.

Key Considerations When Buying a Back Protector For Children.

When you head out shopping for a suitable back protector for your child, you will come across several brands, and it may be a bit tricky to select the perfect one without having some knowledge on the critical assessment points that will determine the best one. Here are some important things to look out for when shopping for a back protector child;


What is your child’s favorite activity? Which physical activity among the ones your child takes part in do you deem to be the riskiest? Most back injuries are as a result of high impacts, and you should determine the purpose of the back protector. While some universal types offer general protection, being specific is beneficial in some cases. There are back protectors for horse riding, motorbike riding, football, snowboarding, bicycle riding and the gym among others. If your kid plays football regularly, it is advisable to find a back protector for soccer. Such designated protectors are the best since they are designed to allow free movement of your child when engaging in that activity. For instance, a football back protector is designed to allow maximum leg movement while allowing some hand movement for balance during running. A cycling back protector is designed to allow maximum hand movement and some level of leg movement. Unless your child is a jack of all trades, find a specific type of back protector that you think will suit them and purchase it.


It has been mentioned that coverage is an essential consideration for any back protector. An ideal one should cover the entire back while still allowing the child to move their limbs freely. However, it is hard to find such a protector as the more coverage it has, the more it tends to restrict free movement. In that accord, it is good to find a perfect compromise and obtain a protector that offers as much coverage as possible. Coverage is vital since it may leave some part of the spine exposed to the full force of the impact during accidents.


When going to shop for a protector for your child, make a point of bringing them along as well. Do not be misled by the notion that you know the size of clothes that your child puts on and think that the same will apply when buying a back protector. It is imperative to buy a back protector that fits seamlessly. Most of the protectors have a fitting guide, but you still need to take your child along and have them put on the protector physically and see whether it fits well before buying it. A small protector is undesirable since it tends to squeeze the child, making it difficult for them to breathe while applying unnecessary force on the ribs. A large protector is very uncomfortable and does not only makes it hard for the child to move but also makes it hard to put on regular clothing.


Back protectors for children are safety equipment and need to be approved by the relevant regulatory authorities before being allowed to be presented to people in the market. Always make a point of checking whether the back protector you are buying is approved. Approvals are done after rigorous checks that ascertain that the stated levels of protection are correct and that the equipment is designed as per the required set of standards.

Convenience and Comfort.

If you buy a back protector that is more of a bother to a child, then be sure that it is not the right one. A good protector should be unnoticeable, and the child should be able to go on with their activities as if they are putting on a regular vest. Convenience and comfort are also related to the activity the child engages in, and that is why it is vital to buy a designated back protector. It is evident that a football back protector may not be entirely convenient for horse riding and vice versa.

Type Of Protector.

You will come across different types of protectors, and it is vital to understand the differences. One of the most common ones you will find is the separate strap on back protector, and it is mostly designed for riding purposes. These protectors offer maximum coverage for your child, and they are attached using some waist and shoulder straps with some provisions for the necessary adjustments to make them comfortable. They are very versatile and useful for most riding activities.

The other type is the gilet style back protection which is an improvement of the strap on style back protection. They fit on perfectly and are ideal when the child needs to put on tight clothing such as a jacket.

The last type you will come across is the armored shirt which has grown increasingly popular in recent years. They offer more flexibility and can be used for a wide array of activities. They provide full back protection and additional shoulder and arm protection. They are similar to a shirt and can allow a child to put on any other garment over it.

Another consideration that falls within the types of protectors available is the insert type protectors versus the stand-alone ones. An insert type is designed to be inserted into the child’s garment as opposed to the standalone one which is worn independently. The independent protector is the best option since the garment insert one can shift when the garment moves, reducing the area of coverage and thus offering less protection.

Customer Reviews.

We live in a digital world and most of the information you need regarding back protectors for children can be obtained from the web. Most of the retailers selling these protectors will promise you heaven by telling you how their brand is perfect for your child. Well, do not fall for these marketing promises and try to get your own information regarding the protector in question. Luckily, most purchases can be done online today and customers are allowed to give reviews on the performance of the particular brands. Dig deep and check out what the people who have bought these protectors for their children have to say about their effectiveness. This way, you will have a better picture of the back protector in question and know whether it is ideal for your child or not. The safety of your child is a fundamental thing and you should not gamble with it by purchasing a substandard back protector.

Where To Buy A Back Protector for Your Child.

The retailers offering back protectors are numerous, and it may be hard to know where to buy one for your child. Well, it is important to conduct some homework as well and make sure that you are buying from the right dealers. First of all, there are a lot of online stores in operation today, and you could purchase from the comfort of your home. However, if you decide to take this path, remember to make sure that they have a return policy in case the protector size you selected does not fit your child correctly. This is important since if you buy a protector that does not fit and find that the retailer in question does not have a return policy, you will have wasted your hard earned money for nothing.

The other place to buy a back protector is at the original stores of the firms that produce the protectors in question. Most of the businesses dealing with back protectors deal with other safety equipment, and it is common to find them operating stores where they sell all these commodities. While doing this limits your options since you cant compare different brands, it gives you the advantage of warranties and support in case you need clarification on the back protector in question.

The last option for you is the third party retailers that deal with different types of safety materials. Here you will get the benefit of having several brands to compare and choose from, giving you a better shot of finding the perfect back protector for your child.


You should not leave your child exposed to back injuries as you can never foresee them. Accidents can happen anytime and back injuries can greatly affect your child’s future. Head out today and find them a perfect back protector child that will keep you from worrying every time they step out to play or engage in any physical activity.

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