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Probably every rider falls at least once from the horse over the years. Therefore you should never ride without a back protector. Especially in children who learn to ride and have little experience and in addition perhaps a not so pronounced feeling of balance, one should be aware of this. Some will surely remember the tragic accident of the former Superman actor, who fell off the horse while riding and who suffered such severe spinal injuries that he died years later. Especially in children who still have their lives ahead, it is important to ensure adequate protection and that they do not ride without. Even jumpers should never ride the horse without protection of the back and be aware of the increased risk to which they are exposed.

Never ride without a back protector!

A back protector (in addition to the self-evident riding helmet) is a good way to effectively protect the body from the consequences of a fall. For this purpose, a large number of different back protectors have appeared in the past years for riding. The most common is a vest that includes the back protector and can be easily pulled under the jacket. Contrary to the prevalent prejudice, this vest limits the freedom of movement only minimally. This is achieved by the fact that the vests are made of a light and breathable material. The protective effect is ensured by a layer of foam, which is sewn into the jacket, which is much more comfortable to wear than e.g. A hard plastic protector. It is important that the size of the protector is adapted to the body size of the rider. If the protector is too small, parts of the back are not covered and thus not protected. If the protector is too large, however, this is detrimental to wearing comfort. It is important to know that in the meantime, even if you do not want to be a protector in the event of versatility and terrain testing according to the LPO, it is obligatory that you will be admitted only.

Please note the following when you purchase:
1. The protector should comply with the European quality standard EN 1621-2.
2. You should only use a model tailored to your size.
3. Select the hardness of the protector according to the type of the insert.

A Stübben protector protects the back reliably

The backprotector of Stübben has been developed by a cooperation with one of the leading protector manufacturers in the field of motorcycle sport. Through the exchange of know-how and the knowledge of Stübben about the needs of the riders, a back protector has emerged, which finds an optimal compromise between the wear comfort and the security that he offers. Without protection on the horse to sit can according to the idea of this protector in any case no longer be justified by the argument that there were no protectors specially designed for riders. But if you look at the technical details of this protector, you do not even want to go without. Because the Stübben has already been awarded several times as a test winner, because it is able to distribute the impact of an impact on the entire surface of the protector, thus minimizing the risk of injury. As a result, the back protector functions similarly to the crumple zone in a car which at the moment of the collision also derives the acting energy as large as possible. A further highlight is that the Stübben protector adapts perfectly to the anatomy due to the body’s heat and thus does not act as a disturbing foreign body, but ensures a high wearing comfort. And even the low weight of only 400 – 1000 grams should ensure that more horsemen in the future opt for such protection.

1. Specially developed back protector for riders.
2. Complies with the European standard EN 1622-2.
3. Low weight

The Stübbe protector is the ideal choice for those who want to have the safe feeling in the future to be protected from injuries by a comfortable test winner.

Direkt zum Spar-Angebot des Stübbe Rückenprotektors auf Amazon.de

Covalliero Protectosoft – Backprotectors do not have to be expensive

The Covalliero provides reliable protection for narrow money. The back protector is worn like a vest and protects the rider with its multi-layered high density foam. The fact that the body also adapts to the rider’s contour thanks to the heat of the body leads to a particularly high wearing comfort. Due to the low material thickness, this back protector is also suitable for wearing under a jacket. This is especially good when you are traveling in the winter or in the rain.

1. The Covalliero back protector offers good value for money.
2. The protector is worn like a vest.
3. The foam is adapted to the wearer by the body’s warmth.

The Covalliero is suitable for all those who want protection, but do not want to put too much emphasis on big brands or as a beginner wants to get a more favorable model.

Waldhausen Swing P06 for adults

The Swing back protector is available in the colors black / gray or black / fuchsia. It combines high wearing comfort with optimal protection. The latter is demonstrated, inter alia, by the fact that it meets the European standard EN 1621-2, which requires the fulfillment of demanding quality criteria. When you are on the road with Protector, the target compromise of protection and comfort will always play an important role in determining which back protector you should choose. The Waldhausen Swing Protector offers a good compromise here, which can be seen, among other things, on the many positive reviews of former buyers. In addition, it is noted positively that the protector adapts well to the rider’s back and coccyx.

1. Meets the European standard EN 1621-2
2. Fits well to the back and coccyx
3. Available in various colors.

The Waldhausen Swing is just the right protector for all riders who no longer want to have protective equipment and who want to have the feeling of being protected by a back protector made according to European standards of quality in case of fall.

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HKM Sicherheitsweste Flexi

A safety vest specially designed for riding, which is available in various sizes and thus ensures that children from 8 years of age are no longer required without back protection. Thanks to its infinitely variable adjustability, the protective vest can also be easily adapted to the contours of the rider. Flexible elements ensure that freedom of movement is minimized, despite the high degree of safety. The vest is made of 100% nylon and the lining is 80% nylon and 20% elastane. The protector meets the safety standard EN 13158 Level 3, which ensures a safe feeling.

1. Available in different sizes, already available for children over 8 years.
2. Stepless adjustability.
3. Flexible protection elements ensure freedom of movement.

The HKM safety vest is very suitable, for those who are looking for a vest that already fits children in the basic school age. The flexible elements and the high safety level give parents a calm conscience when their children ride with this back protector. But also for the parents themselves the sizes up to XL are suitable to buy also one of these safety vests. Then they can go out with their children with the same model.

Direkt zum Spar-Angebot der HKM Sicherheitsweste auf Amazon.de

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