Back Protector Soft Dainese Can Help prevent Injuries

A staggering 80% of all Americans will experience some kind of back problem during their lifetimes and we, as a nation, spend at least $50 billion dollars per year for treatments and medications. In the past 20 years lower back pain incidences have been on the rise, especially among retired Americans many of whom have worked many years at repetitive jobs that have literally worn out their backs in some cases. Add to that, the huge number of people that are now sedentary, sitting all day at work, sitting when they get home, and then sleeping at night. Staying active, working out, never sitting too long, lifting correctly, and not getting injured are the best ways to avoid ending up disabled with a back problem. Here are some key points to help and the best way to get back in shape without causing further injury. And if you’re into extreme sports, ways to protect yourself from extreme injuries.

Desk Workers Are Overtaking Construction In Back Injuries

Let’s face it, there are hundreds of jobs, sports, and other activities that could cause a back injury, however, sitting at a desk has overtaken them all and now accounts for 54% of all American lower back injuries. Physicians are prescribing pain pills to those afflicted and now we have an addiction problem as well.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but people need to take action, if they don’t, the problems with back pain and the resulting disabilities are going to get worse. Here are some tips on how to prevent lower back injuries, reverse damages from previous injuries, and how to sleep, stand, sit, and lift without causing injury as well.

Exercise Is The Best Medicine For Lower Back Pain

There are many causes of the slipped discs that lead to lower back pain but most of the time it’s because the back was out of alignment when we tried to lift something or were out of position doing something and a disc slipped. Between each vertebrae there are discs of cartilage that serve as lubrication, shock absorbers and alignment guides. When one of these discs slips out of place it puts pressure on the spinal column and can cause extreme pain, numbness, and loss of mobility.

Most doctors will wrongly suggest rest, and a little rest is OK, but what is really needed is a series of exercises to strengthen the core muscles and hold the vertebrae in alignment no matter what you do. These core exercises are basic planks, sit ups, pushups, squats, and pallof presses. They’ll work all the way around the spine to protect it with a wall of muscle. In addition to that, when an outside force, either from a fall, accident, or other source hits you, these muscles will tighten up and hold everything together.

After you’ve got all of your muscles in top condition, you’ll note that you stand up straighter, sit taller in your chair, sleep with your back uncurled and are able to squat to pick things up instead of bending your back. Many people bend over the wrong way because their legs just aren’t strong enough to do even one regular squat.

It’s Important To Protect The Spine As You Rehabilitate

If you’ve already had some lower back pain then you know how bad it can hurt. The problem with resting is that it isn’t really helping to correct the problem. A little rest may be good while the swelling and inflammation subside, that’s how the body protects itself after an injury. But after that, it’s time to start an exercise program.

You should first look into purchasing a back protector soft Dainese type to hold your back in line when you bike, ride horses or ski, while you build up your muscles. The last thing you want to do is re-injure your back instead of fixing it.

Start slow, using your back protector brace, and do your squats, leg lifts, planks and other exercises. As the muscles get stronger they’ll hold the vertebrae straighter and the disc will start to slide back into its natural position. Then keep exercising until you’ve built up a solid core that can withstand a hard fall, car accident, or falling off a bike, and still not hurt your back.

If you think you can just sit idle once your back stops hurting, you’re wrong. You’ll have to keep doing these exercises for the rest of your life in order to maintain the fitness around your lower back. The alternative is taking pain medications, walking with a cane, and soon having to ride in a motorized scooter at the mall.

Work On Your Posture All Of The Time

If your mom, grandma, or physical ed teacher didn’t tell you to stand up straight and not slouch, then you should have at least heard it on TV. Everywhere you go, and everything you do, you’ll have to be aware of your posture. If it seems hard at first, it’s because you’ve been standing, sitting and sleeping wrong for years.

The underlying message of good posture is that all of your joints should be aligned in their natural positions. When everything is in balance and supported properly, the blood is flowing, there is no pain, and there are no pinched nerves. In order for that to happen, you have to concentrate on standing up straight all of the time. You should be able to draw a line from the bottom of your ear lobe all the way to the middle of your ankle. That line should pass directly through your knee, hip, and shoulder perfectly. If not, straighten yourself out and keep telling yourself, just like your mom, to not slouch.

The same goes for sitting. The human body wasn’t made to sit all day long, especially without getting up and taking a break. Sitting all day at work and doing the same at home puts a lot of strain on the lower back and turns the muscles around the core to gelatin. Your shoulders should rest against the back of the chair with your chest out. Then there should be a space behind your lower back, if there isn’t you’re not sitting right. Finally, your buttocks should be resting against the backrest like your shoulders.

Legs should be at a 90-degree angle at the knee with both feet flat on the floor. There should also be some space between the front of the chair and the back of the knees as well. The most important thing about sitting, is getting up and taking a walk around every hour for about ten minutes. You should do some squats, planks, and maybe some sit ups to give your core muscles a workout several times per day. Walking 20 minutes in the morning, at lunch time, or in the evening is also strongly recommended if you sit all day.

When it comes to sleeping, you still need to pay attention to your sleeping posture. Pillows are a big part of that and there isn’t an exact formula for picking the right one since it’s based on the way you sleep. If you sleep on your side, you need a thick enough pillow to hold your head and neck in alignment with your spine all the way down. That same pillow would be too thick for a stomach sleeper, however. When you sleep on your stomach, you should make sure your back isn’t curved up at the shoulders, so a thinner pillow is recommended.

Tips On Using Back Protector Soft Daisese Devices

This particular company started in Italy many decades ago making protective clothing for motorcycle racers. Over the years their technology has evolved and their product line expanded to include protective clothing and gear for a variety of sports like mountain biking, motorcycle racing, skiing, snowboarding, and horseback riding. Everything is designed to protect the body from harm, including the spinal column.

The key to getting the best protection from back supporters and protectors is not to rely on them to hold your body together. You should endeavor to do the core exercises as described above and build up your muscles. Then, when you go into an extreme sport, such as snowboarding, where you’re bound to fall, sometimes from maybe 10-12 feet up, the back protector soft Dainese will provide the added protection that your body needs to avoid injury.

If all you’re doing is pouring a loose, flabby, and out of shape body into some kind of brace, you’ll overreach, fly too high, lift too much, bike too fast, and still get injured. On the other hand, the Dainese products are some of the best protection you can buy, especially if you plan on pushing the envelope and crashing several times per day when you play.

You’ll Notice The Great Fit And Comfort

When you decide to purchase one of the back protector soft Dainese products, whether it’s a ski and snowboarding jacket or motocross jacket, is that a lot of design work has gone into making a very high-quality coat, one that looks good and fits fantastic. What you won’t notice is that it will have what is called integrated back guard technology. The guard fits the curvature of the spine with what they call Soft Flex technology that allows flexibility while still offering high levels of protection.

The jackets are designed to be worn in the particular sports that they are made for. In other words, the horseback riding jacket will be comfortable and protective in all of the various positions that person would be sitting in when riding a horse. The elbows, collarbone, ribs, and chest will also be protected as well sometimes using inner inserts to expand coverage at times.

Dianese has a patented flexible insert that is made from a honeycomb structure that is exclusive to them. These flexible guards help to protect all of the different vulnerabilities from harm in the event of a fall or accident. Although they are considered to be some of the most comfortable, they still carry the crash protection of level 2, meaning that they have been tested and approved for various competitions that have the safety requirements.

If Protecting Your Back While Mountain Biking

In many parts of the world mountain biking has been expanding rapidly, however, that also means that there have been an exponential increase in injuries as well. Some hospitals near popular biking trails have also noted that biking accidents have overtaken several other types of activities when it comes to spinal injuries.

This has led many of the sponsors involved to begin requiring level two protection in most competitions but that doesn’t have any effect on the weekend warrior class of riders. Still, many of these riders are taking the hint and adding protective clothing to their arsenals so they can avoid serious injuries. Back protector soft Dainese come in a full line a full line of jerseys, shorts, knee pads and guards to protect the riders from everything on the trail. Whether it’s stickers and branches or the occasional fall, the high-performance clothing is top of the line.

They even have special jerseys that eliminate the need for layering to stay warm and then cool off while riding the trails. It has its own built in layering system that keeps the skin temperature even, yet still allows for evaporation of sweat on the outer layer. It’s the perfect combination of keeping the clothing breathable while still providing plenty of insulation from the elements.

With the high costs of medical care combined with the dangers involved in most extreme sports, it’s been time for more protective gear to become available. Many companies have stepped into the niche, like Dianese, to make sure that injuries are kept to a minimum without restricting movements. Most of their clothing is specially designed to fit in the sport world so that the exact movements of the athletes in their normal positions are completely free. This ensures that the protective gear will be worn and not left on the sidelines because of a lack of comfort, bad fit, or a problem with the competitive edge in a competition.

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