Discover How A Back Protector Works

There are many activities that have the potential to bring injury to our backs. Because our backs are one of the largest section of our bodies and it has the spinal cord and other body parts that can be potentially damaged and leave us to one degree or another disabled, it is important to protect it. Anyone who participates in activities such as snowboarding, cycling, horseback riding, riding a motorcycle, or even backpacking, can benefit by understanding how a back protector works.

The Four Areas Of The Spine

The majority of people who need the benefits of a back protector are people that are highly active and should they have any significant injury to any part of their spine it could mean that they are greatly limited to the types of activity that they’ll be able to do from then on. Once we understand this, it is easy to understand why anyone who wants to participate in activities such as we mentioned above should strongly consider wearing a back protector. There are many benefits that can come from wearing such a protective device and very little reason not to.

1. The Cervical

This is the upper area of your spine and it largely controls your heart and lungs along with other vital organs and your upper limbs. Any significant damage to this area of the spine could have long-term, permanent ramifications and limit a person’s ability to participate in a wide range of activities. As important as all the sections of the spine are to the functioning of our bodies, the area is vulnerable to injuries. Protecting ourselves is paramount.

2. The Thoracic

This is the center area of the spine and it helps to control all the movements performed by the torso. If a significant injury occurs to this area of the spine it will greatly limit the amount of movement that your upper body can do. Many of us do not think about our torso and how it helps in making us agile and giving us the ability to move in various directions but anyone who has lost this ability understands its significance.

3. The Lumbar

This is the part of the spine that is at the lower end of your back and it plays a significant role in the movement of your lower limbs as well as the functioning of your bladder and bowel, and your sexual functions. Depending on the severity of the injury to this area of the spine you could completely lose all functioning from the waist down. This would mean that you can no longer walk, you may need medical assistance with bowel and bladder movements. In some cases, you could lose your ability to function sexually.

4.The Sacrum

This is the part of the spine at the lower part of the back that has a wedged shape. It creates a base with the hip and helps form the pelvis. This part of the spine creates a strong base that gives a significant amount of support for the weight of the upper body helping to spread the weight more evenly across the legs and pelvis area. If this part of the spine becomes injured it could result in the body’s inability to support its own weight.

The Central Nervous System

The central nervous system is also located in our backs. It has a direct relationship with the spine. This system has no way to repair itself once it’s damaged. Many cells in the body have the ability to repair themselves when injured and some examples of this would be if you cut your skin or break a bone those things all have a natural ability to heal. But once the central nervous system has been damaged it has no way of healing itself.

If significant trauma were to occur to the central nervous system through an accident it could lead to problems with the blood supply, it could lead to mental health problems and other serious issues.

How A Back Protector Works

Any time that a person suffers from injury to the central nervous system or their spine it will usually result in a very lengthy stay in the hospital as well as ongoing treatment and often all that time, effort, and money will have only limited results. The effect that it can have on the body can be temporary or permanent. The back along with the spine and the central nervous system are some of the areas of the body that are most vulnerable to injury.

A back protector is made specifically to help reduce the damage that can occur from an impact to the back and spinal area. A back protector is not specifically designed to prevent bruising or other such injuries to the body but instead to reduce the amount of energy that goes into the vulnerable areas of the back that could, in turn, cause serious injury. Whether someone is thrown from their motorcycle because of an accident or they run into a tree while skiing or snowboarding, or they have an accident while horseback riding, a back protector could reduce the overall injury and in turn prevent any long-term problems and allow for a quick recovery.

Modern back protectors are made specifically to allow for great movement which makes them very suitable for many activities and is specifically why these back protectors are able to reduce the energy of an accident from overwhelming and injuring the delicate areas of the back. If the back protector were made in a way that it was rigid, then it wouldn’t have this ability to absorb energy. A high-quality back protector will absolutely reduce the chances of any significant back injury due to impact.

How A Back Protector Works For Backpackers

Very often Backpackers are carrying heavy loads and they are hiking across difficult terrain. This means that a back protector can protect them in two different ways. A high-quality back protector not only protects against the injuries that can be caused by high impacts but also helps to relieve pressure across the back. This means that those who are carrying heavy loads and hiking across difficult terrain where a fall and a significant impact could occur, then they are protected in both ways.

It Is The Most Important Safety Device Next To A Helmet

The only safety device that you can use that could be said to be more important than a back protector would be a helmet. Whether you are motorcycle riding, skiing, snowboarding, or horseback riding, wearing a helmet and a back protector will significantly reduce the chances of long-term permanent injuries when doing such activities. No one wants to be crippled, to suffer from chronic long-term back pain, or to need medical devices for bowel movements and for urination. No one wants the loss of sexual functionality.

It is always tempting to consider doing some of these activities without a helmet or a back protector but as many times as you may be ok, it only takes one time to have a lasting injury. It only takes 10 to 15 seconds to put a back protector on and because it’s so flexible it will not inhibit your movement at all.

Some Important Factors To Understand About How A Back Protector Works

Correct Fit

In order for a back protector to work as it should, it has to fit correctly. Ideally, you want to go into a center that has expert staff that can measure you and help you in order to get the perfect fit. There are some online shops that offer a download option that can help you in making sure that you order a back protector that’s going to fit you correctly. Everyone has a somewhat different body shape and for this reason, it really is necessary to make an effort in ensuring that the back protector you wear fits you correctly.


There are two different types of back protectors and one is a self-contained back protector and the other is a set of inserts that go into a jacket. Whichever way you go it’s important that the back protection gives sufficient coverage of your back from top to bottom. If you use inserts and your jacket is a little short, it could mean that the lower back area does not get the coverage that’s needed. A back protector can only protect the areas that it fully covers. It’s most important feature is its ability to absorb the energy of an impact and it can only do this if it’s actually covering all the areas.


Many people may overlook the importance of a back protector being comfortable. Why it plays a significant role in the overall performance is simply because it is more likely to be worn if it is comfortable. A back protector must be worn every time someone is performing an activity that has the potential to bring harm and injury to their back. If it’s uncomfortable a person may often or at least sometimes choose not to wear it and that might be just the time that they need it. Choosing a comfortable back protector is key to wearing it.


They’re different styles of back protectors and you need to take the time to find the one that feels right for you and that moves and fits you in a way that works with your style and your activities. Similar to comfort, if it’s not convenient to wear then you are less likely to wear it every time. The key to a good back protector being there for you is to have it on when it’s needed.


If you are not confident in the back protector then you shouldn’t get it. Take the time to look for a back protector that you’re highly confident in and in turn choose to wear it because you know that it’s going to protect you. It’s also important that you don’t have to worry about concerns of injury to your back and having the confidence in the safety equipment that you’re wearing is one way to take your mind off of safety and put your mind on the activity that you’re participating in.

Back Protectors Are An Absolute Must For Those Who Ride Motorcycles

In recent years the rate of injuries to the spine have decreased for those in car accidents. During that same period, accidents for those who were riding motorcycles and the injuries related to the spine have gone up. According to some statistics, those who ride motorcycles are more than 30 times more likely to suffer significant injuries in an accident than those who are involved in a car accident.

If those statistics are not enough for the average person who rides motorcycles to wear a back protector, then there’s probably no information available that would encourage that person. But for most, it is the joy they get from riding their motorcycles that should motivate them to wear they’re back protector just as they always wear their helmet. The back protectors were made in the beginning to protect professional racers from the abrasion they received when sliding on the concrete because of an accident.

As time passed, these back protectors evolved into something that protected those motorcycle riders from significant injury when in an accident. While reducing abrasion to the back was important, being able to protect the rider from permanent damage to their spine and central nervous system was far more important. The protection a back protector can provide for those who participate in similar activities as mentioned here is well worth the investment and the few additional seconds it takes to put on.

If each person simply makes sure they are getting a quality device then they will greatly add to their overall protection. They should also make certain that the safety device fits and is comfortable to increase their likelihood of consistently wearing it. If the back protector prevents an injury only once, it was worth ten times the price they paid for it.

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