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There are many types of outdoor activities that you may enjoy. It is good to get out and get some exercise but the type of activity may differ from one individual to another. For some, cycling is the best way to get some exercise and at the same time, to see some interesting parts of the world. Regardless of whether you are cycling in your local neighborhood or if you are hitting the mountains to do some mountain biking, it is important to consider your safety and the gear that you are using.

There are a number of different options for protecting yourself while you are cycling but one consideration that should not be overlooked (even though it often is) is the back protector cycling gear you are using. When you understand the importance of using this type of gear and the different options to consider when choosing a back protector, it becomes much easier for you to make the decision to begin wearing it. After all, some of the modern-day gear is not only able to protect your back but it is also quite comfortable as well.

The Importance of Back Protector Cycling Gear

Obviously, the most important factor to consider when protecting your back is the fact that you are protecting one of the most important parts of your body. It is one of the larger exposed areas, particularly when you’re on a bicycle but at the same time, it is also protecting an area that tends to be prone to injury. The spine is a part of the central nervous system and it contains the spinal cord. It controls all parts of the body, including the movements of your muscles, the beating of your heart and even your ability to breathe.

A back protector is not just an item that will protect the spine in general but it also protects the four major parts of the spine, which include the following.

Cervical Spine – This is the upper part of the spine. It is responsible for controlling the upper body and for the most part, it is also associated with the operation of the organs that are above the diaphragm, including the hearts and lungs. The cervical spine is particularly vulnerable to injury because it includes the neck.

Thoracic Spine – The area in the central part of your spine is the thoracic spine. It is responsible for much of the movement in your torso. This part of the spine is attached to the rib cage and it is the area that is least likely to experience any type of injury. At the same time, however, blunt force trauma and other issues that affect the thoracic area directly can certainly cause issues that could even be life-threatening.

Lumbar Spine – Usually referred to as the lower back, the lumbar spine is prone to a number of different injuries. A lot of pressure is put in the area, including during the time that you are cycling. Injuries to the lumbar spine are responsible for more days of missed work than any other type of injury or illness. This area of the body is also susceptible to injuries when you’re cycling, so a back protector is imperative.

Sacral Spine – This is an often overlooked part of the spine that exists between the lumbar spine and the tailbone. It is a single bone that is triangular-shaped and is made up of five different segments which are fused together. It is rare for this part of the spine to experience fracture but falling off a cycle could certainly lead to such a serious injury.

Any type of an injury that would occur to your spine in any area could cause significant and perhaps lifelong problems. As a part of the central nervous system, and impact to the spinal column could cause fractures, slipped discs, and other serious problems.

One of the interesting things about a back protector is that it is not designed to restrict the movement of the body. One of the reasons why this is the case is not only to allow you to move freely while you’re wearing it but it is also because it provides protection by not being rigid. The back protector is there to protect your spine in the event of a crash or another type of cycling accident. If the protector was rigid, it would focus the energy from the crash on a single part of the spine. By allowing for movement, it helps to distribute the energy of the accident rather than focusing it.

One other benefit to consider about wearing a back protector during the time that you are on a bicycle is the peace of mind that it provides. We all love the feeling of being unencumbered when we are exercising in this way but the thought of falling off the bike, which is a real possibility, could lead to injuries severe enough to leave you in a wheelchair or perhaps even cost you your life. A back protector is the best option for avoiding those types of injuries. It’s not a fail proof item but it can go a long way in helping to transfer the energy that would otherwise affect the back in a serious way.

Back protectors are able to protect the spine, regardless of the type of fall that you take. Depending upon the cycling that you do, you may experience a wide range of environmental conditions. For those who are riding on the road, a fall on the asphalt could be quite serious, especially if you weigh in on your tailbone or directly on your back. In addition, those who go mountain biking are prone to a wide variety of injuries because of the uneven and rough terrain that they may experience during a typical day.

It is not only the impact that can cause severe damage but it is also the movement that is experienced after the crash that can cause difficulties as well. Imagine falling off of your bike at high speed. The direct impact of the crash could lead to severe back problems but what happens after the impact can also cause difficulties as well. It is not out of the question to skid on your back for quite some distance, tearing the skin, muscle and anything else that isn’t protected. A back protector is not only there to protect your spine, it can also protect your skin from damage as well.

What to Consider When Looking For Back Protector Cycling Gear

When you first start looking for a back protector for use while cycling, you might be surprised with the number of different options that are available. Considering the importance of wearing one of these items anytime you are riding a bike it’s a good idea to look into all the different options and to see which one is going to work the best for your needs. Choosing the proper back protector is more than simply buying one that is the right color and seems to fit well. It is there for a purpose, so you want to ensure that it is something you can wear on a regular basis and experience all of the benefits that it could potentially offer.

The following are some of the most important considerations when looking for the back protector cycling gear that is best for you:

Choose the Right Fit – All of us are unique individuals and therefore, there is not going to be a one-size-fits-all back protector that works in every situation. It is vitally important that you choose the one that fits properly for you as an individual. This will include more than simply choosing one that is the proper size. It involves a lot of different measurements and it is important to have one that is fitted properly.

Consider the Coverage – You want to ensure that as much of your spine is protected as possible but at the same time, you don’t want it to interfere with any of the other gear that you happen to be wearing, including your helmet and your clothing. Don’t simply choose a small back protector and think that it is going to help in the event of an impact. Most smaller insert protectors are not going to cover the lumbar area, which is one of the areas that is most prone to accidents.

Make Sure It Is Comfortable – Although this may go without saying, it is important to consider the comfort when you are choosing a back protector. They should focus on comfort, while at the same time, fitting you properly and providing the right coverage.

Consider Your Riding Style – Not all of us are going to have the same sort of style. For some people, it may be racing and for others, it could be mountain biking or touring. The back protector you choose should fit the specific type of riding that you do on a regular basis. In doing so, it will provide the maximum amount of comfort.

Consider Your Comfort Level – We already discussed that one of the benefits of using the back protector is the fact that it can give you peace of mind. When you choose one for your own use, make sure that you are comfortable with the decision in every way possible. The confidence that it provides may even help you to take your cycling to the next level. It is a piece of equipment that should not be overlooked.

Consider the Style – Although the style of the back protector is not necessarily going to make it work better, it is going to make it more likely for you to wear it on a regular basis. When you choose a protector that complements your personal style and choice of clothing while cycling, it can help you to be comfortable while wearing it.

Weight – Nobody wants to be encumbered while they are cycling and one of the benefits of using a high-quality back protector is the fact that it is lightweight and allows for the free movement of the cyclist. It is important to consider the weight, however, especially if you are racing or touring. The weight can also make a difference for mountain bikers or for casual bikers as well. Try to aim for a balance of one that is both lightweight and flexible.

Contact with the Back – Although most of the back protectors are designed for comfort, there is one particular part of the item that needs to be considered more carefully than others. A large portion of the back protector is going to come in contact with your back and will remain in contact the entire time you are wearing it. Consider the material that will be contacting your back and your clothing. It can help to ensure that you are comfortable while you’re wearing it, making it more likely for you to wear it regularly.

Many of us who have been around cycling for any length of time have heard horror stories about injuries and accidents that occur while the trail or out on the road. These stories are often passed on from one person to another and unfortunately, they don’t always have a very happy ending. Although none of us would actually want to be part of such a story, it is nice if we could provide a happy ending, should we happen to take a tumble. Wearing a back protector is a definite step we can take to make any accident we are in a better story in the end.

The decision as to whether to wear a back protector is one that is personal in nature. When you really consider everything that is involved, however, and the fact that back protectors are now comfortable, inexpensive and durable, you really see that it is an option that should not be overlooked. Make sure that you have one the next time you go out for the day.

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